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Culduthel Community Woods

Inverness, Scotland

Tree felling and branch removal to start 27 November

Tree felling and branch removal to start 27 November

Added on 24 November 2019

Please note that some tree-felling and branch-removal works are due to start soon on some trees in the woods that are close to paths and pavements. The map at the link below shows the trees  that will be tackled (within the shaded area only). These trees are either dead or diseased and are potentially dangerous  - they were identified in the survey we undertook late last year (see an earlier blog post below). Replacement trees will be planted in due course.

Map: Shaded area shows where tree work will take place

The work is being commissioned by The Highland Council, supervised by Peter Kelly (Mob: 07876576643) who is Amenity Officer and undertaken by a firm called Apex. The work will start on 27 November  - we have no details about how long it will take. The Council and contractors are responsible for all safety arrangements. We have advised the IRA and Parent Council. Please follow all on-site instructions and signs and avoid the site when the works are under way.

It is great that The Highland Council is taking a lead on this essential tree safety work. However, the remaining trees identified in our survey as being potentially dangerous are not due not be tackled at this time and we have no immediate plans to do this work - we do not have funds nor permissions in place to do so. We are still concerned about this issue. Until this further work is undertaken, people are advised to avoid the woods during periods of high winds in case of falling trees and branches.

Please come along to our meeting on 10 December at 1930 in the Green Drive Hall to find out more about our long-term plans for the woods and how you can get involved. See blog post below.