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Culduthel Community Woods

Inverness, Scotland

Please Join Us!

This is a local community-led project, run entirely by volunteers. To make progress with our work we need local people and anyone interested in the woods to join the organisation. We are a registered charity and all the funds raised will go towards looking after the woods. Our funders only support us if we can show there is strong community support for this work. So, if you use the woods or care at all about what happens there, then please do become a member and/or support us in other ways:

  • Become a member: It is now FREE to be a member. We just need your name, address and contact details. All our members will get a warm glow inside by knowing that they are doing something to help the woods, get to have a say over how the woods are managed and will be kept informed of progress and plans. Please fill in the online form, below. And, remember, you can still make a donation if you like (please do!).
  • Persuade others: Word of mouth is probably the best way to encourage people to become involved. If you are a member already, please persuade your friends and neighbours, or anyone you meet in the woods, to join up and help.
  • Raise funds: We are always looking for funds to develop our projects – if you would like to lead some fundraising activities, or have ideas, please contact us.
  • Donate: please donate through the Paypal button below or contact us to discuss legacy arrangements.
  • Become a Trustee:  If you have special skills, knowledge or experience that you think would benefit the Group, and a little time to spare, please contact us and tell us about yourself - we would be delighted to hear from you. We would especially appreciate help fund-raising and with coordinating volunteers.
  • Volunteer to help us in the woods.


Even though membership is FREE you can now make a one-off or recurring donation to Culduthel Woods Group through Paypal...

Join Us
  1. Please use this form to join the Culduthel Woods Group (FREE).

  2. Membership is FREE.  Membership of the company is open to individuals aged 16+ who subscribe to the Purposes.  We will use your postcode to decide if you are an Ordinary or Associate Member (see our consititution). Members have no liability for the organisation’s debts.  Contact us if your organsation wishes to be a Corporate Member.

  3. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - please tick this box to indicate you give consent for us to keep your data, having read our Data Protection and Website Privacy Policies which explain how we use your data and keep it safe.  You are free to withdraw this consent at any time by contacting us.